Dr. Lars Karlsson

Lars Karlsson

Lars Karlsson

Lars-G. Karlsson, BSc, PhD

Former Assistant Professor/Researcher at the Department of Education of Lund University, Sweden, working with European project coordination and methodological support to European projects within DG Enterprise and DG Info Society.

As Programme Director of Hippopotamos Educational Consultants (Hippopotamos Bildungsberatungsges.m.b.H.), Austria, he worked with the conception and organisation of inter-cultural, trans-disciplinary competence development projects based on participatory learning and collaborative research and with international research collaboration and conferences.

Active as Project-evaluator/expert/reviewer for the CEC: Innovation Programme (DG Enterprise), Employment Projects (DG Employment and Social Affairs), IST (DG Information Society) and DG Research

National Monitor for Austria and Sweden for EU certified “European Awareness Scenario Workshops – EASW” – and trainer for EASW facilitators.

From 2010 self/employed expert and consultant, working with Project development and support to different European projects.

Coordinating the build-up of “PREHAB AUSTRIA” – a comprehensive trans-disciplinary social innovation initiative for the promotion of active ageing and societal participation.